As with many artists, a certain passion exists for the work they love to do. Although we understand that meaning for some clients is a must, we hope to blend beauty with subject matter so that the tattoo work needs no introduction. Trent will always take inspiration from the female face, skulls, animals, flowers, statues from the renaissance era and artistic manipulations using his signature elements of time, architecture, smoke and lightning! Please consider the work on his portfolio as a small example of what is possible with his work. 


All booking are done so via email to - send info about what you want and where on the body you are wanting it. Please specify if your open to the artists interpretation or if you want an exact copy from your reference (such as a portrait or animal photo). Its always enjoyable to have some freedom on the design, you can see example of this on some of the more elaborate pieces with time, trees, lightning or other elements added. 



Travels and Conventions

 January 2018 - South Italy, Rome, Naples

April 5-7 Los Angeles, CA

April 24-30 Elysium Studio, Grand Rapids, CO

NO more traveling until 2019 

Because of the very limited appointments its best to book well in advanced for shows, sometimes up to a year in advance if possible, however there is always a possibility of an opening especially while Trent is traveling. 


Preferred placement is the forearm, or arm in general. Unless a larger piece is desired such as ribs, stomach, back, or full leg. These areas are considered but are usually more time consuming, more painful and less visible than the "full sleeve" projects Trent is usually working on..  Please mention the placement and size when emailing, unless you are open to suggestion.  

large scale work:


Larger works are always considered if the client is ready for the process. Both physically and financially. Something such as a sleeve in black and grey realism can take 30-50 hours. Same for a back piece. A Rib piece or thigh can take easily 2-3+ sittings to complete. The pain is an increasing factor with longer sittings so we try to aim for 6-8 hour sessions. It usually takes about 5 full days to complete a sleeve or back.  Its also preferred to have one final session to smooth everything out and touch up/ fix any healing mishaps. 


Single day pieces: 


The most common type of tattoo for Trent.  Where you start and complete the piece in one session. A piece usually the size of a baseball (such as a flower etc..) up to the size of a 5"x"8" area of skin can usually be completed in the standard session. The standard session is from 6-8 hours. Forearms are the preferred area for single session tattoos. 


Call (512) 800 6608 to book with one of our many artists at Taste of Ink